Home sweet home

I’m inherently nosey and I love glimpses into other peoples’ living spaces. Here’s a little present for any like-minded readers.

Yesterday I spent several hours – and several euros – finding decorating essentials. I may only be here for six months but I want to spend those six months in pretty rooms… Easy to find were fairy lights, bunting and scissors. A noticeboard was harder. And, to my dismay, blu-tac does not seem to exist here at all. I found a pretty poor white equivalent.

All three of my flatmates are on holiday. It hadn’t quite occurred to me that trying to make friends with students in a student city in the middle of August would be, frankly, impossible. There is nobody here. The several hours I spent decorating last night – interspersed with a much-needed skype – were the ideal cure for my lonely melancholy mood.


My building, complete with authentic graffiti. Our flat is the whole of the first floor. My windows are the three on the right of the photo.




The kitchen, which is well stocked and tidy and clean so I am rather happy



My study – which does not have a desk chair, but, in fact, an exercise ball. FUN.




And finally, my bedroom, twinkling.

This is far more luxurious, far nicer looking and far more civilised than my previous experience of student living (Divinity Road, I’m looking at you!). My study has a sofa bed so visitors are more than welcome. Desired, even.


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